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Tuesday, December 20, 2005




So...what do you do if you don't have a sister? It's no wonder I've forgotten so much! LOL ;)


Six? holy cow! and I thought I was cold! maybe acclimated is a better word, lol! our high today was 54.

Cool pic!


omg- i so couldn't hang. just not possible!


ha! that icicle is still hanging outside my window...


love the photo, joy! i really want to call you mj, you know? not sure why, but i do! end of randomness...

can't believe only four more days to go... my alarm clock has the date on it and the past few mornings it's like i've been in shock that it's so close!


LOL - I have absolutely no reason to whine when it's 60 degrees here. Brrrr...reading this post is getting me chilly. :o)

Gonna make me some hot tea right now...

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