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Tuesday, December 13, 2005



Well, I was going to say the Christmas shoeboxes that Samaritan's Purse does, but I see you already have that! :) We do those every year... :)


Each year we take the boys shopping and we each pick out a new toy. The boys have to pick something they would like (but that Mommy and Daddy would probably say 'no' too! ). I always pick out a baby doll with lots of accessories. Then we deliver the toys to 'Toys for tots.' We also help sort and stuff bags of toilitries for the local soup kitchen. It helps us to be grateful for what we have when we realize that some people are happy to get soap and shampoo.


Donating is a wonderful thing to do, awesome tradition!

Don't forget that your kiddos are still little, I've got a few years on you with my oldest two so some of our traditions have been altered and tweaked before they became our own. Have fun finding yours! :-)


I think giving to a charity is a wonderful holiday tradition. So many people in need...we've done the ones before where you pick a name off a tree and buy something for the child, as well as in our church there is usually a family or two that we pick from the community to sponsor and collect gifts and Christmas dinner and such for.

Great traditions.

leigh ann

One of my kids' favorite holiday traditions is choosing an angel from the Salvation Army Angel Tree at the mall and buying gifts for them. They always choose a child their own age--makes such a big impact on them to know that they are spreading joy to child--and helps them to appreciate how much they have(and helps curb the gimmes, too).

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