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Friday, October 05, 2007



Hey Joy...fun to catch up with you again! The kids are all so cute (I still can't believe you've got three of them!). And dang, that's one big pumpkin! :)

Hope you all have a nice weekend (and happy fall, too).

Jennifer N

Hey, my 6 yr old has that exact same shirt as Cadence. My 3 year old, (the one I thought looked like Cadence as a baby) has the exact same pants. Go Gymboree!

Good luck with the potty training.


look how big everyone is getting!!!! so cute, joy! i esp love that last shot.. did you plan the monochromatic scheme there?? LOL


That museum looks so cool, Joy!

Tom and I keep joking about how one of the news stations had text messages from viewers scrolling on the bottom of the screen after the game. Our favorite...

"If Rex is a quarterback, so is my dog."



I love that pic w. cadence, clark & jakey.

Dale would enjoy going to the Kohls museum.

Have you tried publishing your photos using viovio or blurb?

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