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Monday, February 15, 2010


Donna Graham

I totally know how you feel, Joy. My baby is about to turn 7 in April! Seth is my last and my cuddlebug. There is such a huge difference between my boys with Spenser having Asperger's. Seth is my most difficult at times because he is so much more headstrong than Spenser. I miss the babies...I would have babies every year if they didn't have to grow up into toddlers. :) However, I really do love the freedom that I have now that both boys are in school full days and I know I am way too old to have any more babies. I'm gonna be an aunt again in June, tho, to a little girl and I'm hoping to get to spend some time with her and cuddle her...and then give her back to her mommy and daddy and go shopping! lol Happy Birthday to Rocket!


OMGoodness your kiddos are growing wayyy tooo fast! super CUTE pic :)


he looks just like your daddy. i bet you get that a lot! happy bday though a bit late. i remember when we had none! hahaha!

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